Monday, 27 August 2018

Wall Cabinet Installation For The Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are a great storage solution for your kitchen. Manufacturers produce a variety of cabinets of different shapes and styles. Wall cabinets are the preferred option as they allow space to be used in the most efficient way. Most dealers will offer to install your new wall cabinet after purchase or you will be able to hire a cabinet installer. But wall cabinets can also be easily installed by yourself. You will need basic tools as well as skills for DIY projects for this kitchen cabinet.

Before beginning the process, make sure to be careful at all times. Whether you are installing new Kitchen cabinets or replacing outdated ones, pay attention so that the walls and floors are not damaged. When replacing old ones, have somebody help you so that the nails or screws which are used to secure everything together can be extracted without damaging the walls and floors. It also helps to check whether the walls behind the cabinets are smooth and level or not. If there are any voids or bumps, then mark them so that adjustments can be made.

The entire installation process should be started by planning out space. Measure the space to select the appropriate height for your Kitchen cabinets. Carefully analyze placement. Places like above the washing machine or other appliances should be avoided because when the appliance is working, there might be problems opening the cabinet.

Next, test the floor to determine whether it is level or not. If the floor is not level, then find the floor's highest point. Make a mark on the wall. From the mark, make a level line along the wall. Use a level to make a straight line to ensure a level hanging cabinet. This line is where you begin measuring the height of the cabinets.

Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall. The stud locations should be marked along the hanging line.

Now the ledger board should be secured along the line. During installation, the cabinets will be supported by the ledger board. The ledger board should be screwed through the stud locations into the wall.

During installation, ensure that all knobs, doors, and handles are removed to make loading the cabinets as light as possible. Vertical side by side cabinet walls should be adjoined by using clamps to make sure that the cabinet faces are flush.

Now the cabinets must be connected by pre-drilling and then screwing the cabinets together.
The cabinets should be lifted and rested in the designated place on the ledger board. Ensure that they are level and then pre-drilling to screw them into the wall studs. This process should be repeated for all the Kitchen cabinets.

The ledger board is now safe to remove. All hardware, including doors, can now be replaced safely.
These installation guidelines are for people with a knack for do-it-yourself home projects. If you find this process too difficult or too unfamiliar, your best bet is to contact a professional to help you out.
Looking at the setting up of the cabinets, this will give a new look to the kitchen. You can do it yourself or get help from a professional. The cost of this service is affordable and you will have the new cabinets at a lower price. Be sure to choose colors that match other kitchen accessories.

Mistakes Made During Kitchen Cabinets Installation

Common mistakes and miscommunication are the reason for the delayed work. Most of the people are very concerned about the design and style of their kitchen and they want to make things look perfect and they are a little hesitant when it comes to DIY kitchen installation. If you are looking to make your investment in the right place then it is better to hire professional for this job. Some people try to save their money and try to do the installation task by themselves but this makes the things worse. If you are resident in Singapore and looking to get the services for your kitchen contact companies to avail the services of kitchen cabinets Singapore.

Following are some common mistakes that are done while kitchen cabinets installation:

Inaccurate Measurements
The first mistake is obviously the inaccuracy while taking a measurement. If you are having no knowledge related to the work then it is better to hire a professional instead of doing the experiment and making them look messy and unprofessional. Fillers, spacers and other elements are necessary to get the right fitting for your cabinets.

Avoiding Considering Appliance Size
Along with the design, appliances are important to create a better look for your kitchen. While remodeling or redesigning it is better to take the measurement of your appliances so that you can get the best details of your kitchen while making cabinets as nowadays refrigerators are coming in various shapes and size.

Incorrectly Placed Plumbing or Lightning
Getting a right measurement is necessary to make the things look great and elegant. If you desire to have deeper cabinets then you have to map out your plumbing and lightning. If your measurements are not up to the mark then your light may be covered halfway by a cabinet or sink making an odd look.

Uneven Installation

Cabinets play an important role in making your kitchen look great and enhance the aesthetic appeal but if you are placing the cabinets unevenly then there is no good at all. It will destroy the elegant look of your kitchen you desire to attain.

Installing Cabinets without Help
The first and foremost safety concern while doing cabinets installation is that you need to lift heavy cabinet those are hard to hold without help so it is better to get help while placing them or hire professional for this task. Help should be taken in order to avoid the chances of injury.

These were some of the mistakes that are often made by the residents who are not willing to hire professional instead they are using DIY tips for cabinet's installation. Proper knowledge is required to carry out a task and enough expertise is also required to execute the work properly. If you are resident in Singapore and looking to get your kitchen remodeled then you can get the services offered by competent and professional companies operating in this region by availing their kitchen remodeling in Singapore so that you can attain the desired look.