Wednesday, 20 June 2018

10 Tips to Choose Best Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

Whether you are constructing a new kitchen or renovating your existing one you will have to take a number of decisions to make your kitchen look the best. A cabinet in your kitchen can be one of the things that can enhance its functionality as well as attractiveness. While installing kitchen cabinet in your home you will have to select a number of things like the type of its frame, materials used, hardware used and the style of its doors and drawers etc.

But to choose an ergonomic kitchen cabinet you will have to consider few more things to get the best one for your home. The tips provided here under will help you in making your kitchen an efficient and comfortable place to work for you and your entire family

1. Know the type and colour of the wood: You can find kitchen cabinets in wide range of colours and finishes in the market. While selecting the best cabinet for your kitchen you should know the type and colour of the wood used in it so that you can compare it with the finish and colour of your dream cabinet. You can take help of an experienced designer if you are unable to make a right decision in this regard.

2. Choose the design and style of cabinet doors: While choosing the best kitchen cabinet for your home the first thing you should focus on is the design and style of its doors. The design of the doors of the kitchen cabinet is one of the elements in your kitchen that visible to everyone. So you should take a decision on the profile of cabinet doors to narrow down your choices in this regard. You can also decide on the style of the cabinet doors depending upon your budget and your profile. You can visit 3-4 stores to find kitchen cabinets with different styles of doors. You can take their photos on your phone to compare them and make final decision in this regard.

After taking decision on the finish and style of your kitchen cabinet you should focus on its functionality for your kitchen. You should know exactly which cabinet can be the best for you as you have to use it as a baker, chef and cleaner throughout your life. The tips provided here under will help you in choosing and installing the most functional kitchen cabinet for your home.

3. Reduce the upper limits: Sometimes longer wall cabinets are not easy to access by the family members. So instead of installing long kitchen cabinets you should reduce their height so that everyone in your family can access its uppers easily. It will not only make your kitchen more functional but also give it a smart look.

4. Use shallow pantries:
Shallow pantries from floor to ceiling are trendier these days than wall kitchen cabinets. It will help you to use the windowless walls of your kitchen more efficiently. By reducing the depth of the cabinet to 23-25 cm you will have to put kitchen utilities in a single row. It will make it easier for you to find those items anytime. Otherwise you will have to spend time in search of those items when they are placed in a chaotic position in deep shelves of the cabinet.

5. Opt for open shelves: You can install open shelves if you are interested in installing wall storage system in your home kitchen. These open shelves will allow you to store your things more efficiently as you need not open and close them every time to find something from them. They may collect less dust if you stored on them the items that are frequently used by you.

6. Prefer horizontal cabinet: If you are interested in installing closed storage cabinets in your kitchen then you should prefer horizontal cabinets instead of vertical cabinets. It will allow you to see all of your items in your cabinet just by opening its one door. You need not climb up and open various doors to see the things of your choice.

7. Put in drawers: In your base cabinet you should install deep drawers as they can allow you to store anything you need frequently within your reach. It will increase the storage capacity of your kitchen. Moreover, it will help you to see all the things required by you at first sight just by pulling out the cabinet drawers. You need not open and close several doors to find the required things.

8. Avoid or make the best use of the corners: You can design a kitchen cabinet without any corner as corners normally make your kitchen chaotic. Moreover, it may not be easy to use the corners of the cabinet. But if you cannot avoid the corners of your kitchen cabinet then you should design them in a way that they can be easy to use and functional as much as possible. In order to use the corner of your cabinet efficiently you can install a sink in the corner or design new style drawers for it.

9. Upgrade the hardware:
You should upgrade the hardware used in your kitchen cabinet to make the drawers slide smoothly and the hinges close the doors softly. It will help in making your kitchen more ergonomic just by spending few bucks more. It will allow you to shut the drawers and doors of your cabinet without slamming them.

10. Countertops of variable heights: You should include countertops of variable heights in your kitchen cabinet to make it comfortable while performing various tasks in it. It will make your kitchen more useful for the shorter or taller people than average height. While working on kitchen countertops one wants to keep her/his forearm at right level to work efficiently. Normal height of kitchen countertop is 90 cm but it can be difficult for kids or short statured people to work on it. So you can make it easy for everyone to work in your kitchen by making the countertops of your cabinet at different heights.

Thus, the tips provided in this write-up you can help you in choosing and installing the best kitchen cabinet in your home.