Tuesday, 27 September 2016

8 Tips On Choosing Custom Made TV Console

The best way to decrease the clutter and streamline the interior of your living room or den is to install a custom TV console. A TV console helps you keep your electronics and wire cables neatly organized. Additionally, consoles or TV stands form an integral part of your home's decor. This is why a bespoke TV console is better than a stock console. When shopping for a custom made console there are several factors that you need to consider. Here are 8 tips on choosing your ideal custom made TV console.

1. Measure your TV
The first step towards choosing the perfect custom made console for your home is measuring your television set. Ensure you measure the height, width, and depth of your TV set. The specific dimensions of your TV will be used in the crafting of your custom console. If you own an old version CRT TV set it is important to note that such types of television sets require a large console. The larger console is required to accommodate the boxy nature of such television sets. On the other hand, modern flat screen television sets are wider than their older CRT counterparts and but do not have much depth. Therefore, flat screen TV sets require a console that is wide.

2. Consider the height
Custom TV consoles are designed to meet a client's needs and preferences. In this regard, the height of your custom console will depend on your preferences. Also, the height of the console will depend largely on your preferred seating position either in your den or family room. Depending on the size of your TV settle on a height that puts the TV's lower half of the screen at the same level as your sight-line. The height of your console will also depend on the height of your TV. As such, it is important that you get a console that will accommodate the height of your television set.

3. Consider the number of shelves
A standard custom made console will be fitted with shelves for storing different items such as DVD cassettes and VCR tapes. Also, shelves can also be used to store electronic appliances such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and VCRs. As such, there is a need to consider the number of shelves you will want on your console. If you have only a blu-ray player one shelf will do just fine. However, if you have different appliances to store with your TV you will need more shelves.

For example, if you have a stereo system, a video game console, records etc you will require more shelves. However, if you are TV watching habits are that of a casual movie and TV watcher the circular back panel found in most TV consoles will be sufficient for hiding your TV cords. Contrastingly, if you have a home theater system to integrate with your TV set you will require a console capable of accommodating your home theater appliances.

4. The size of your home
The type and size of your TV console will depend on the size of your apartment or home. Since the main function of a TV, console is to de-clutter the interior of your home it is important to go for a console that will fit in your home. Thus, if you have a small apartment, a large TV console will look squeezed and out of place. This might have an adverse effect on your home's interior decor.

5. Do you want a mobile TV console
Sometimes you might want to move your TV from one place to another, either when you want to clean or when you want to bring the TV closer to you. In this regard, you will require a TV console that is easy to move around. Normally, TV consoles are designed to be static. However, there is always the option of requesting a custom made TV console with wheels. Such a console will be easier to move. An immovable console will work best if you plan on having your TV in one place throughout.

6.Consider the console's design
The main benefit of purchasing a custom made console is that you can play around with its design. This means you can order a unique design that blends perfectly with your home decor. Therefore, one of the things to consider is the design of the console. With custom consoles, the number of designs to choose from is only limited by your creativity. Thus, if you are not a fan of traditional console designs you can get creative and go for a zig zag console. The zig zag design is unique and does not take up too much space.

7.metal or wood
Similar to other furniture pieces , most customs made TV consoles are made from either wood or metal. The material used in the making of your console will depend on your preferences. However, it is important to note that different materials react differently to different climatic conditions. Since Singapore has a tropical climate with moderate temperatures and no seasons, both metal and wood can be used in the making of custom consoles. While wood is easier to clean than wood, the latter is naturally appealing. Also, wooden consoles tend to be costlier than a metallic console. Also, wood comes in a wide variety of selections.

8. Wall mounted or standing TV consoles
TV consoles can either be wall mounted or cabinet like. As the name suggests wall-mounted consoles are mounted permanently into a wall. Therefore, they are not ideal for persons residing in an apartment. However, if you reside in your own home a permanently installed TV console might be an ideal option. This is because in an apartment there is always the likelihood of moving and it is not easy to move with a permanently installed wall mounted console. Thus, the TV console that you settle on should be easy to move with if you live in an apartment.


In conclusion, there is a wide selection of custom TV console designs to choose from and it will all depend on what you need and prefer. In addition, the right console will go a long way in accentuating the interior decor of your home.