Monday, 6 June 2016

Installing Kitchen Cabinet - What You Should Know

The kitchen is among the most significant places at home. It ensures that people get food every day. A kitchen keeps away cooking activities and equipment from other family members. It avoids the mixing of things at home that could lead to a loss. It also ensures that cooking activities are that other people in at home, who are not taking part in the cooking, are interrupted in whatever activity they are doing. They are thus important rooms at homes. With that in mind, it follows that the kitchen should be well designed and maintained. It should fully be rightly equipped and furnished.

· Kitchen cabinets are essential for the maintenance of the kitchen. They ought to have the best combination of features to make the kitchen attained the desired standards. They should be customized by the user’s preferences. They should accommodate all the things in the kitchen that are to be stored in the drawers. Some features that can guide one while choosing kitchen cabinets are discussed below.

· The cabinets should have good drawer slides. For putting or removal of items from the drawers in the cabinets, there is a need for easy opening and closing of drawers. They should be able to move freely without being stuck in a way that requires more force to be applied or in a way producing a scratching sound. The slides should as well be in a position to carry the entire load that will be put in the drawers.

· The cabinet doors would work well to avoid the contamination by flies and other organisms if they were fixed to be self-closing. The feature would be made in such a way that it requires a gentle push and then the door can close itself tight. In addition, to ensuring no flies or insects is getting into the cabinets, they also nullify the need for slamming. Slamming can cause breakage of the doors as well. Drawers also require being self-closing to that they do not block the cabinet doors from closing itself. They are convenient since the owner does need to close them personally.

· Kitchen cabinets work best when they have pulls and knobs. Opening and closing of the cabinets should be made easy for the user. The doors should be fitted with knobs and pulls that will enhance opening. Knobs and pulls are made from a variety of materials. They can be made of metallic, plastic, rubber or wood. They take different shapes so the owner can select according to their taste.

· When choosing kitchen cabinets, one should also consider their lighting. Well-illuminated cabinet brightens the space. It also makes the location of items in the cabinet easy and thus saves time. The light also makes the cabinet appealing. The lighting system should not compromise the capacity of the drawers or the cabinet. For example, they should not be fitted with bulbs that utilize a lot of space and thus reducing the capacity of cabinets. Lighting should be power saving and cheap to install.

· In cases where a large cabinet is required, it should have pulled out drawers. Pull out drawers can be advantageous in that they do not require one to stretch their hands or kneel down in the attempt to reach out items at the backspace of the drawers. When one needs to get out such items, they can easily do it by pulling out the cabinet to get them.

· Some cabinets are fitted with drawer pegs. The drawer pegs are made to be heavy-duty. They used to stop the items from moving around. The pegs are particularly useful for cabinets that have pulled out shelves. Items may at times fall off causing spillage or breakage when the drawers are pulled out or pushed in. Such problems can be prevented by the use of drawer pegs.

· Shelves to be used for storing wines and similar drink containers should be fitted with racks. Such racks should be mounted in the lower drawers or shelves for the convenience and safety of the contents and convenience of access.

· Another feature that can be used in kitchen cabinets is the lazy susan. They are circular fittings that are mounted inside the cabinets. They are commonly put in the far-end or corner spaces that are not easy to access. They help the user to bring items from the back to front and thus make them easily accessible. The feature also helps in reducing the space wasted since many people would opt not to put items where it is not easy to get them out.

· The cabinet should allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of high hygiene levels. The material making the cabinets should not be hard to clean such as when some products spill on them. How the corners are shaped determines how easy it will be clean them.

· It is always prudent to purchase a cabinet that is in line with your home design. The house looks organized and well planned when the design is uniform. The colors, as well as the shapes for your home, should agree. For the inbuilt cabinets, it just requires proper instruction at the time of construction. For readymade cabinets, the selection should be made carefully to ensure consistency in design.

In addition, the cost is a factor that cannot be overlooked. The cost should be friendly. The purchase cost should be low, and they should be able to last for a considerable duration of time. One should avoid the purchase of cabinets that are highly fragile to reduce the risk of breakage. They should be cheap to maintain.


The homeowner should do research to come up with the best furnitures and fittings. The research should be subject to the internal factors such as budget, space available and the number and sizes of items in a room. They should as well consider the durability, design, and additional features of the furniture and fittings. Everything put or fitted in a room should improve the utility of the room; it should ease the working as well as the safety of items.