Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Top Kitchen Cabinet Color To Choose in 2016

In earlier time people used to have colored kitchen cabinets in their houses to enhance the look of their kitchen and home. The same trend is back now and more and more people are trying to have smart colored kitchen cabinets in their houses. Some time back people went away from these retro themes and some dull colors that its place. But with the time change, the modern interior fashion changed backs the time and the colored kitchen cabinet becomes trends of 2016 again. The colorful cabinet becomes the latest trend and the range of colors are endless. But simple parameter of the selection of color should be based on your choice of colors and the present settings as well. don’t choose the shade only because of the trendy theme whether you should select some vivacious color you prefer. The colorful surrounding makes the cooking experience more cheerful and develops a great excitement also.

Here we are sharing some list of colors that you can use in your home cabinets and multitude the kitchen moments.

Grey: Many people consider gray as a dull shade and they want to go for some bright colors. But the truth is slightly opposite to this and it can add a great shine in your house and kitchen. Warm gray adds sophistication and great style to the kitchen. If you are making your mind for gray, then it can be prominent. The gray shade brings a magic to your kitchen cabinets and the great texture elevates the looks with ease.

Blue: All the shades of blue are simply amazing and it can add a spark in your kitchen cabinets. It is one of the most favorite colors for so many people around the world. Also, in Singapore where I always remain hot and humid blue color can enhance the looks of the kitchen in a light way. Blue gives an energetic and refreshing style. White gives a complement to the shades of blue and this combination in kitchen cabinet brings a natural and coastal surrounding experiences.

Orange: with orange we don’t mean to the 70s show room like kitchen. Orange turns the dull and boring kitchen into full of brightness and cheerful place of the house. The slight use of orange in the kitchen bring the feel of this shade as well that can help you deal with very hot and scratching days in summer. Orange color is alike purple that should be used wisely. To get an elusive poise to your kitchen, you may use orange with some lighter shades for your kitchen and you can give it a new look in 2016.

Green: Green is the color of life and when you would have your kitchen cabinet in this color, then it can add life to your house as well. With green color, you can add some other color combination such as light yellow or off white color. These extra combinations can add a certain beauty to your house and you can have a fantastic and most amazing look in your house with the best possible manner.

White: Many people get surprised after listening that white can be used in the kitchen cabinet. But when you explore some interior designs for your kitchen in white then you change your mind instantly. The most amazing thing about white color is that you can pair it with almost any color and it can enhance the beauty in your house. You can add the white color kitchen cabinet having some red pipes or blue stripes on it and it can give amazing beauty to you. Also, you can add more then one patter in it and you can get a good look in your kitchen cabinet.

Black: Black might be not the most favorite color for many people but if you would use it wisely, then you can certainly add shine in your house with this color as well. To use the black color, you should use it only with kitchen cabinet and you should complement the kitchen with other colors. Also, you get the freedom to use color in various shade such as wood finish black, charcoal black. You can pair the black color with brown wood and you can also make a combination of black and white color. In fact, you can pair it with many colors and you can add a beauty and shine in your kitchen with lots of elegance in the simplest possible manner.

Red: Red is the color of happiness, love and joy. That means if you would use the red kitchen cabinets in your house renovation, then you can have these feelings in the air. This could be the best choice for a newly married couple and for those couples as well that already lived a long married life and losing their strength and bonding. To enhance the beauty of your kitchen cabinet, you can pair red color with white stripes or some flower designs in clearly visible pattern or color theme and you can enhance the beauty with ease.

Purple: violet or purple are the majorly used color for every setting. These are the stunning and classy shades. Undoubtedly these shades give instant visual richness and these shades stay in the modern trend for next few years for sure. If you choose purple for the kitchen cabinet, then the primary attention you should pay for the surrounding things for decoration. If you are fond of some unique pieces for d├ęcor, then choosing purple can be an issue for you.

Yellow: Yellow is another amazing color that you can choose for your kitchen cabinet in 2016. Many people always underestimated the yellow color, but this can be available for you in so many shades and options. You can choose few shaded for your kitchen cabinet and you can make a good design with it. Also, you can combine it with some dark color such as maroon or cherry red and that will give a new height to the look of your kitchen and overall house as well.