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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is a room where many people spend a considerable amount of time, and it only makes sense to furnish it well. Kitchens rank among the biggest investments in any house. A kitchen cabinet speaks volumes about your kitchen. Your preferred kitchen cabinetry can either make or break your kitchen design and functionality. The cabinetry is the most defining and prominent feature of your kitchen. Picking the right style is the secret to a successful design of your kitchen. With the many finishes, designs, hardware choices, colors, and models of kitchen cabinets currently available, the decision of picking the right one can be overwhelming. New trends emerge now and then. It is not easy to find a cabinet that satisfies your desires, needs, and aesthetic preferences.

You do not have to break a sweat though; this article will give you the guideline you need to follow to make an informed decision, from start to finish. Whether you are updating your kitchen or fitting a kitchen cabinet for the first time, trust this article to guide you on what to consider. View it as a blueprint which will enable you to get your dream kitchen cabinet.

Tips for choosing the right kitchen cabinet.

1. Set up a budget
Cabinets can give you huge financial damages if not properly planned for. They are undoubtedly the biggest expense you will incur when remodeling your kitchen. They consume approximately half of your usual kitchen budget. You will require money for initial cost and installation. Some individuals think that just because they have the basic DIY skills they can install on their own. These cabinets are not typical DIY installations. Unless you have professional building experience, leave it to the experts. For proper planning, allocate a certain amount for installation. The amount will depend on the labor rates in your area. You do not have to break an arm and a leg to purchase a good kitchen cabinet; it is not a matter of life and death. First of all, set aside the amount you wish to spend in a cabinet. You can save for kitchen cabinetry until you reach the required price. From your budget, look for the best cabinet you will get with that money. You can ask for recommendations for trusted dealers from friends and colleagues. If you are purchasing online, it is imperative to go through customer reviews before settling on a supplier. There are several cabinet types and grades as discussed below.

2. Settle on the cabinet type
Everyone has a cabinet design in mind before they think of renovating their kitchen. Get some clarity on your tastes and objectives on how you want your kitchen to appear and function to be ultimately satisfied with what you end up with. You first need to determine the number of the basic cabinet types you wish to include in your kitchen design. They include wall-mounted, tall standalone, base or under the counter and specialty units like bottle racks and corner cabinets.

Below are four fundamental questions that can help you choose kitchen cabinets:

i. Which one do you prefer most - quality construction and longevity or aesthetic appeal?

ii. Do you need a complete overhaul or will a facelift be okay?

iii. What is the current style and décor of your kitchen and home?

iv. What duration do you plan on staying in the home and what is the reason behind your remodeling?

You will then need to pick your kitchen cabinet’s quality grade. Your budget will determine the grade you will select. Based on construction quality, there are four cabinet grades:

• Stock cabinets – stock cabinets are pre-manufactured and available in an array of high-quality materials and are not very expensive. To own one of these, you need to place an order directly from the manufacturer. One disadvantage of stock cabinets is that they are less flexible when compared to other grades. Manufacturers sell them in specific sizes which makes altering them impossible. They also have limited color, style and finish choices.

• Ready-to-assemble cabinets – Installing RTAs is challenging, you may require the services of a professional. Even skilled DIYers have reported difficulty in building and assembling RTA Cabinets. They are relatively cheap but are considered to be less durable than stock cabinets.

• Semi-custom cabinets – their price range falls between stock cabinets and custom cabinets. They could be stock cabinets with customized shelving or doors. To have one, you need to specify your ideal size and materials.

• Custom cabinets – with custom cabinets, you have no limitations at all. You have the freedom to choose the design, materials, and finishing. Needless to say, they are at the highest end of the grade spectrum. Just like the name says, they are customized to meet the needs of the client. You order complete with information regarding style, hardware, materials, and construction. A shortcoming of custom cabinets is that they are expensive and you have to dig deeper into your pockets to own one.

3. Door Style and mounting
There are many door styles put into two broad categories; traditional doors and ultra-modern. Pick a style that best suits your kitchen and taste. Well-crafted and more detailed wood doors are usually more expensive than simple doors, and may require extra care and cleaning. Raised panels and beading will need you to cough extra cash. Just like door styles, there are also different door mounting options for kitchen cabinets doors. The most common are standard overlay. Also known as traditional overlay doors, they are less costly and do not require hardware. They have a more custom appearance. Here, the doors lay directly over the cabinet case. This overlay ensures that the face frame is seen around the doors. On the other hand, full overlay mounting sees that doors fit together closely to hide the cabinet case behind. In inset doors, the doors are installed inside the face frame to be flush with the front side of the cabinet. Inset doors have a cleaner and elegant look and are ideal for bigger kitchens.

4. Materials
Most people only think of solid wood as their number one choice when it comes to materials for kitchen cabinetry. It is no secret that solid wood is the most popular choice across many homes all over the world. You should be aware that apart from wood, there are other materials you should consider trying like Thermo foil, metal, melamine and stainless steel. Each of these materials has their pros and cons, and you should do extensive research before settling on one. You will never get to know what you're missing out on until you give it a try! They are all readily available.

5. Colors and Finishes
You can either choose to leave the solid wood cabinet in their natural state or choose to finish or stain. There are several decorative finishes which can transform your kitchen in ways you had not imagined before. They include glazing, distressing and crackle among many others. One thing you should remember is that lighter cabinets, contrary to popular belief, hide dirt better than their darker counterparts. Final touches are crucial.

6. Hardware
A significant portion of people usually ignore the hardware part of a kitchen cabinet. Hardware has a significant impact on the final look of your kitchen design as it dresses it either up or down. The hardware you select can make your kitchen cabinetry look more traditional, eclectic, contemporary, transitional or country. You can mix them to create visual interest. If you are working on a tight budget, knobs and drawer pull should be your choice as they are cheaper to replace when compared to cabinet doors or finishes. Comfort is a major factor; they should be in the right size and shape. Your kitchen cabinetry is not yet complete until you've carefully chosen the precise hardware that brings out a personal balance between form and function


Kitchen cabinets have an enormous impact on your finances and how your kitchen looks. They are the first thing someone who has never been in your house will notice when they enter the kitchen. A right kitchen cabinet will set the appropriate visual tone for your kitchen. Besides the good looks, they will also enhance functionality. Remember that the style and personality of your kitchen are dependent on the factors discussed above. Chose the materials that best portrays your style and a cabinet that will complement the overall décor of your kitchen.

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Choosing The Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

The most modern kitchen cabinets can certainly be quite a big investment for any homeowner yet they may also make a big difference in the visual appeal of your kitchen area and indeed your entire home. There are an extensive variety of models, designs, and elements on the market to choose from in brand-new units and kitchen unit. Finding something you like may not initially be that hard but making a final decision can become a challenge. There are many important things to consider not least of all the cost.

Viewing a handful of DIY stores could be a simple way to get new ideas and information. Shopping online obviously is another more and more popular means to gather ideas and even to buy from. Quite a few offers you online visuals of your projected modern kitchen cabinet style with all the cabinets and whatever else you like included.

It's really a great way to get a visible picture of just how a brand-new kitchen will look with all of the various elements installed. Before you start shopping for kitchens, it's very important to get the correct measurements of your planned kitchen area. Have a simple illustration to display the positioning of windows and doors and any other structural features of the room. This process assists save time and help with advanced planning. If one is not at ease taking down these dimensions to be able to have this plan together then talk to the shop and they may send an agent to your home to actually ensure your sizes are correct prior to finalize any orders. This can definitely avoid any major errors and ensure precise dimensions and you'll be positive your new units definitely will fit in just right.

You may plan to install either brand new set of cabinets in the kitchen or refinish the existing ones, to get a sleeker look. Either way, going modern can assist you a great deal in making your small kitchen look bigger as well as boost the storage space. The modern cabinets are recognized for their simplicity and stylishness. Additionally, they are very sleek, occupy less space, simultaneously, are spacious to accommodate the heavy kitchenware. Yet another thing to take into account is to set up a practical budget before you go too far with the planning ideas.

Choose how much you really can pay for together with what you're prepared to invest in your brand-new kitchen area and certainly be realistic from the outset. Costs may vary quite a bit between different models and different suppliers and it can be easy to be caught up especially once the sales representative gets you in the sales area. Have a good basic notion of what you're searching for ahead of actually going near any sales agent; you have to make the choices instead of these sales people. Try to keep any spending budget workable and feasible and you must have no difficulties buying an awesome new modern kitchen cabinet .

Things to know before purchasing kitchen cabinets 

New cabinets can transform an insufficient, multitasking, organized space and dated kitchen into a multi-functional. In earlier days, there used a few options to choose from for the cabinets but now, you can choose from a dazzling array of options and finishes at different rates. Become a smart buyer by making smart choices. To help you on that, the following are things to know before purchasing kitchen cabinets:

Go After Certified Brand 
Most of us purchase cabinets just by considering the looks and finishes but that can dig a hole in your pockets. Always go for certified products which are approved by the Association of Kitchen Cabinets. These products go through various tests so that they could provide one with the best of service for which they are made of.

Select Right Structure 
Whenever you are choosing a cabinet to make your kitchen multi-functional, make sure you know for what purposes you need it. There are two types of cabinets which are popular in the market i.e. semi-custom and stock. If one need a lot of finishes, sizes, designs and styles, then go for Semi-custom cabinets. Concerning the your choice and requirements, these cabinets are custom made and may take even 12 weeks to fabricate. However , stock cabinets are extremely low priced and come with the quick delivery option.

Before venturing into the market try to set yourself a realistic budget. Without planning, you may end up spending a lot of money. The budget for the cabinets will depend on size and material. Also, its very important to remember the charges one would have to pay for professional installation service.

Personalize Your Storage
Customize the storage as per your needs and belongings. Cabinets today come with user-friendly options which help users to make their work easier and faster. The full extension roll-out shelves help in not letting your knuckles to scrape when searching for something hidden deep in the back. You can also opt for large drawers that can easily hold pans, pots and dry goods with ease. Built-in storage options are the most famous tricks to store utensils in kitchen cabinets.

Right Look Matters Too 
Cabinets are always available in numerous materials such as glass, wood, PVC, Plywood, Melamine and Laminate. The cabinet maker would advise one on how to install the wooden display cases. Its made to last long and also doesn't get spoiled quickly. Other options might be the pocket-friendly sinse they will require changing after a moment either every few years, this leading to a frequent cost every time.From a vast range of finishes and materials, you ought to make a right choice for your kitchen. Different materials come with different advantages. If one want the kitchen to seem larger and brighter,the light colored wood material is better whereas, darker wood like mahogany and cherry give a dramatic feel to the kitchen.

These pieces of information will surely help you in making right choices for kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet design should always be appropriate and match with your overall kitchen look. Hire professionals if you are ready to improve the look for your kitchen

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Things To Take Note On When Choosing Kitchen Cabinet

Are you thinking of improving your kitchen to give it a modern design? Or do you have an upcoming occasion which obliges concentration on your home interior appearance? The greatest efforts should be capitalized in the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are the pillars of the kitchen. They enhance a kitchen’s interior if properly selected. In selecting kitchen cabinets, an open-minded perspective helps in getting cabinets with distinctive and attractive designs. The following are 8 issues of consideration when choosing kitchen cabinets.

1. The desired type of kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets can be classified into either stock, custom or semi-custom. It is up to a person to choose the kitchen cabinets that largely harmonize the kitchen where they will be mounted. The type chosen is also dictated by a person’s tastes and the finances available.

Stock kitchen cabinets
These are ready made cabinets produced on a large scale. They come in many sizes and colors giving individuals the opportunity to make a selection based on personal needs. Persons who wish to have cabinets quickly fixed in their kitchens can select these types. It is also cheaper to fix them.

Custom kitchen cabinets
Different individuals are unique. A stock kitchen cabinet may woo some individuals and totally put off others. Hence custom kitchen cabinets help in satisfying the unique needs of diverse individuals. These cabinets are made according to a person’s specifications. If a person wants a cabinet with several drawer pulls, it will be made in that manner. A lot of time and labor is needed to make them. They are therefore sold at a very high price. Though they are expensive, a person gets the exact cabinet that meets the aimed expectations.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets
These cabinets are partly stock and partly custom. They are made while mixing stock and custom qualities. An individual is able to purchase a cabinet that is close to custom without incurring the expensive cost of an exclusively custom cabinet.

2. The present style of the kitchen and home

The kitchen cabinets chosen have to go hand in hand with the present interior décor of both the kitchen and home. Classic antique homes function well with classic style cabinets. A modern-day kitchen is complemented by modern style cabinets.

3. The door style
Kitchen interior should not be the only determinant used to choose the door style of the kitchen cabinet. The general home interior has to be reflected. This is to ensure the kitchen and the rest of the rooms display uniformity in the home’s interior design. A person’s view of the door style matters too. Nobody wants a kitchen cabinet with a style that he or she dislikes. Door styles that are popular are: modern, traditional or a blend of both.

4. The kitchen cabinet’s finish
The finish plays a huge part in complementing or undermining the kitchen interior and the entire home interior. It has to be given the significance it deserves. For those who are inspired by finished kitchen cabinets, it is essential to have enthusiasm when looking for them. Going to a kitchen cabinet store helps little in getting kitchen cabinets with the right finish. This is because a person might get carried away by the multiple kitchen cabinets on display. The best decision is to first get enough information related to available finishing alternatives. These include embellished finishes such as glazing and crackle. When fully aware of the finishing you want for your kitchen cabinets, it becomes comfortable to make a worthwhile decision.

5. The proposed budget
Every person would want to buy kitchen cabinets with quality finishes and designs with little regard for the price. But you have to be reasonable when making a purchase. It is unrealistic to buy expensive cabinets at the expense of other important requirements. A reasonable budget has to be drafted to act as a guide when buying kitchen cabinets. It is always wise to purchase a kitchen cabinet that does not deplete your financial resources. Buying a kitchen cabinet that is a little inexpensive does not mean that it is of low standards. There are different types of kitchen cabinets that are very quality at fairly cheap prices.

6. Components/hardware of the kitchen cabinet
Is it important for a kitchen cabinet to be fitted out with hardware? The hardware can be treated with little importance but it matters. The hardware that comes with the kitchen cabinet defines its overall appearance and simplicity in accessing it. Hardware to look out for includes: knobs and drawer pulls.

7. The duration of stay in a home
The period of time one intends to stay in a home governs the price of kitchen cabinets and the type selected. A realtor’s objective may be to renovate a home to motivate probable home buyers to invest in. To limit costs of buying kitchen cabinets, the level of customization can be minimized. Stock and semi-custom cabinets can be a good and cost effective selection when selling a home. For a homeowner who purposes to stay in a home for long, focusing on high end kitchen cabinets is better than low quality ones. The kitchen cabinets bought should be those constructed using durable materials.

8. What puts you off with respect to your current kitchen cabinets?
Possibly you already own a home and the aim is to give the kitchen a modern look by getting new cabinets. There are mistakes you might have committed in buying the current kitchen cabinets. The mistakes can be: inadequate storage space, poor utilization of kitchen space, wrong choice of style and cabinets without the right hardware. Understanding the specific mistakes can help in coming up with better decisions. If a traditional door style was chosen previously yet it does not flow with the style of the home, this mistake can be rectified. This is achieved when a class door style that augurs well with interior décor is chosen.

In conclusion, selecting kitchen cabinets has to be accompanied by real planning. As you think of the kitchen cabinets you want to have in your kitchen, think through all the considerations discussed in this article. The considerations will help you in getting quality and long-lasting kitchen cabinets.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Kitchen Cabinets Singapore - Some Things to Remember

Redesigning your kitchen is definitely a good choice to get rid of mundane looks. There are array of aspects available that one needs to consider while renovating. As making it spacious is a need, working with expert kitchen cabinet manufacturer is a beneficial choice. Their experience and perfect work approach make them a stand-out move. But before hiring a professional, the prime thing you require doing is understanding your expectations.
When your prime need is manufacturing and designing cabinets, you need to choose a design. Since there are many designs available in the market, comprehending one as per the style of your house helps making a better renovation. Working with expert kitchen manufacturers in Singapore is definitely a good move, but here are some other things that you help you to understand a few considerable aspects prior to taking the decision of making a kitchen wardrobe.
Read the following to know a few things that you need to consider before designing the kitchen wardrobes.

1 Designs you Expect:
Cabinets are a necessity, but along with that, you need to make the choice of the style. Since the number of styles available in the market are many, you primarily to emphasize on your desired design. You might get perplexed by observing the many styles available in the market and this is where the expert manufacturer plays a crucial role. You can tell the type of looks you are expecting and they will manufacture as per your choice.

2. Storage Space Required:
The prime function of cabinets is to improve the storage space in the kitchen. As there are many kitchen utensils and other cooking materials, making a good storage space prove to be a feasible choice. Rather than going for the ready-made kitchen wardrobes, manufacturers tend to be a better choice as they customize the space according to your need. You can opt for the overhead or low cabinets as per your convenience. Experts can easily cater to the varied storage needs.

3. Your Budget:
Irrespective of a kitchen renovation or a full remodeling, you definitely need to set a budget for to stay away from emptying the bank balance. When you are just focusing on designing kitchen cabinets, get in touch with a professional and ask for quotation. Being a professional, they can help you get the renovation done within the budget. It is always recommended not to get carried away with the many designs and stick with your own choice to make the renovation a pocket-friendly one.

4. Material:
Cabinets are available in various materials such as PVC, Laminate, Melamine, Plywood, Glass and Wood. Any expert cabinet maker will advise you to install wooden display cases. It last long and they do not get defaced quickly. Other options may be pocket-friendly, but they will need changing after every few years, leading to a recurring cost every time.

These are a few aspects that is required to consider for an impressive kitchen cabinet design. When you have a mindset, you can stay assured about making a dream transformation. But as soon as you have decided every other thing, make sure you get reputed kitchen manufacturers in Singapore to make your dream transformed into reality. So jot down your needs and make an effective move. 

Tips on Buying Cheap Kitchen Cabinets in Singapore

Do you want to shop for reasonably-priced kitchen cabinets? In that case, then it is crucial to take the right steps. Right here are a few beneficial pointers for purchasing the proper cabinets:

1. Search for custom kitchen cabinets
Just due to the fact you're paying much less for kitchen storage, does not imply which you can't get the ones that you need and deserve. So while searching for less expensive cookhouse cabinets, search for customized ones. To assist to make certain that your cabinets are the right fabric, size, fashion, shade, finish, and so on. Nowadays, an increasing number of customers are looking for custom designed merchandise. It helps to cater the products to their character needs.

2. By no means sacrifice high excellent for low charges
You could buy cheap kitchen cabinets without shopping for low-quality cabinets. So while purchasing for your cabinets, hold an eye out for pleasant models. The advanced fee will help to make certain which you won't be paying lower fees for raggedy cabinets. Alternatively, search for ship's galley cabinets with value. While you can commonly "Get what you pay for," it is also viable to get extra than you pay for. So rather than looking at a kitchen cabinet's rate tag, make certain that you may be getting your cash's worth. Otherwise, paying decrease charges on your cabinets may want to become disastrous.

3. Look for cabinets with first-rate ensures
While looking for cheap kitchens Singapore cabinets (which include custom kitchen storage), make certain that you get a nice guarantee with your kitchens. Can shopping for kitchen cabinets at a low-priced fee be satisfying? Certain, however the pleasure will decrease if you're now not glad about it. A first-rate guarantee can assist to make sure that that occurs. It's going to provide you with peace-of-thoughts that you will be completely happy together with your buy.
4. Buy from an internet employer
Shopping on line is a better option than buying at a brick-and-mortar save. Simply be sure that an internet corporation has a gallery of the distinct kitchen cupboard models it gives. With the intention to help to make sure which you understand precisely what you may be getting while you order for kitchen cabinets.

5. Pick out the proper wood and finish
Both capabilities are important while selecting kitchen cabinets. Exceptional types of woods and finishes will have the main impact on the form and feature of a dining vicinity cupboard. So look for companies that provide an extensive type of woods and finishes.

6. Supplement the alternative decor to your kitchen
This is a crucial step whilst searching for custom kitchen cabinets. Even if you pay less to your kitchen storage, you must still recollect the other decor in your kitchen vicinity. That consists of elements such as the decor's coloration and fashion. While selecting the decor your kitchen, don't forget to decide on a single theme or color scheme.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet For Your Home

While it may seem a bit overwhelming in trying to choose your new kitchen cabinets, if you take your time and do some research, you'll have the best chance of not only getting the exact cabinet design you want, but you'll also learn that not all cabinets are the same. There are a lot of cabinet styles from custom made models to of the shelf versions that you can find at your local Home Depot or Lowe's building supply stores. You may also want to look into having your current kitchen cabinets refaced or resurfaced. This has become a very popular option for a lot of people because the costs can be significantly less then buying a brand new.

Be it remodeling a kitchen or constructing one from scratch, is a very long and tedious task. The kitchen is an important section of your house which should be neatly kept. Kitchen cabinets are considered to be a heavy but useful investment. Cabinets are required very frequently in the kitchen and should not be bought reluctantly. Ask a chef or a house wife, and they will tell you the importance of kitchen cabinets. Here are some of the things that you should, keep in mind the next time you go to kitchen manufacturers to buy a kitchen cabinet.

Quality and Choices

Kitchen cabinet set away half of the budget that is designated for a kitchen. If you are looking to cut costs, then this could surely be a place. However, keep in mind that when it comes to cabinets you get what you pay for. Never compromise on quality and buy a cheap cabinet as it will break easily and become worthless.

Cabinet buying can mainly be of three types:

Stock Buying: This would mean getting inside home improvement stores and picking up items starting right from the shelf. They leave no choice for improvements or adjustments. They are the most budget friendly purchasing.

Semi-custom Buying: This would mean purchasing items which have been selected beforehand, after looking into options offered by kitchen manufacturers. These cost a little, but permit the power of purchasing the desire items.

Custom Buying: This would mean purchasing items desired by the owner i.e. you. This form costs the most, but you get exactly what you desire.

Materials Matter

Materials have a huge impact on the overall product. Different materials like plywood, particle board, medium density fiberboard, solid wood, melamine, metal or laminate give rise to different impacts. MDF and particle board cost the least, and they can be covered with veneer to bring out the look of solid wood.

Plywood is sturdier. It is not mandatory to cover them with any layer as they are self-capable of retaining a modern look.

Solid wood is luxurious and the most expensive one.
For a sleek modern look, one can use laminate, melamine or metal.
Veneers are traditionally stylish, but no veneer will be able to produce the effect of solid wood.

Color - After the space color combination of your kitchen is important so always select cabinets that are matched with your kitchen color.

Finishing - Finishing look of your cabinets is also important because it can give your kitchen a dream look if it is so fantastic.


Hardware is often left out and comparatively very less time is invested in selecting them. However, one should not forget that they have the huge effect on the usability of cabinets. Drawer slides are found in different qualities. They may found with nylon wheels or rollers or ball bearings. Cabinet doors or hinges may be mounted entirely interior i.e. invisible when closed. It is better to have soft-close hinges which cause less noise.

Shelf bracket is the next mandatory stuff. Cabinets should be placed properly in adjustable brackets to reduce user effort. The drawer pullers can be a plain simple one or any fancy stuff. You can consult well-known kitchen manufacturers in your locality for valuable advice.

Construction and Design

A kitchen cabinet may be with or without frames. Most cabinets are framed. The style of a cabinet will entirely depend on the homeowner. You can certainly surf the Internet to see what will fit best for you.

Keep in mind that the most expensive cabinets will not always be the best kitchen cabinets, and on the flip side, the cheapest cabinets will not always be the worst. If you look into some custom made cabinets, then you can expect to pay a premium price. Custom made cabinets are such that the cabinet manufacturer will come into your home and take precise measurements. They will then have software programs that allow for interactive kitchen design, so you'll be able to lay everything out and have a 3D, more realistic look then if it was just down on paper. You will be paying for all these extras along the way, so take that into consideration before choosing custom kitchen cabinets.

Buying of the shelf kitchen cabinets have their advantages and their disadvantages as well. You'll find these cabinets to be a lot less expensive then custom made models. They may come in a couple of different price points and construction quality, but usually, these stores only stock one line of the cabinet, so your choices will be limited.

The bottom line when trying to choose kitchen cabinets is that they firstly must fit within your overall kitchen budget, and they also must fit within your decor styles and tastes. If you find the cheapest cabinets out there, and base your decision on only the price, then chances are that you'll regret that decision because of the look or over all poor construction of the cabinets.Budget is significant in the above discussion. Your all planning depends on it. So before you think to purchase a cabinet must measure your budget that you want to spend on it.

If you don't have sufficient budget and want to buy good cabinets, then you must know "These are sold in individual pieces also." But if don't care for the budget and looking for the cabinets is the main focus then buy custom kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can give you your dreamed kitchen in an easy way.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

8 Tips On Choosing Custom Made TV Console

The best way to decrease the clutter and streamline the interior of your living room or den is to install a custom TV console. A TV console helps you keep your electronics and wire cables neatly organized. Additionally, consoles or TV stands form an integral part of your home's decor. This is why a bespoke TV console is better than a stock console. When shopping for a custom made console there are several factors that you need to consider. Here are 8 tips on choosing your ideal custom made TV console.

1. Measure your TV
The first step towards choosing the perfect custom made console for your home is measuring your television set. Ensure you measure the height, width, and depth of your TV set. The specific dimensions of your TV will be used in the crafting of your custom console. If you own an old version CRT TV set it is important to note that such types of television sets require a large console. The larger console is required to accommodate the boxy nature of such television sets. On the other hand, modern flat screen television sets are wider than their older CRT counterparts and but do not have much depth. Therefore, flat screen TV sets require a console that is wide.

2. Consider the height
Custom TV consoles are designed to meet a client's needs and preferences. In this regard, the height of your custom console will depend on your preferences. Also, the height of the console will depend largely on your preferred seating position either in your den or family room. Depending on the size of your TV settle on a height that puts the TV's lower half of the screen at the same level as your sight-line. The height of your console will also depend on the height of your TV. As such, it is important that you get a console that will accommodate the height of your television set.

3. Consider the number of shelves
A standard custom made console will be fitted with shelves for storing different items such as DVD cassettes and VCR tapes. Also, shelves can also be used to store electronic appliances such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and VCRs. As such, there is a need to consider the number of shelves you will want on your console. If you have only a blu-ray player one shelf will do just fine. However, if you have different appliances to store with your TV you will need more shelves.

For example, if you have a stereo system, a video game console, records etc you will require more shelves. However, if you are TV watching habits are that of a casual movie and TV watcher the circular back panel found in most TV consoles will be sufficient for hiding your TV cords. Contrastingly, if you have a home theater system to integrate with your TV set you will require a console capable of accommodating your home theater appliances.

4. The size of your home
The type and size of your TV console will depend on the size of your apartment or home. Since the main function of a TV, console is to de-clutter the interior of your home it is important to go for a console that will fit in your home. Thus, if you have a small apartment, a large TV console will look squeezed and out of place. This might have an adverse effect on your home's interior decor.

5. Do you want a mobile TV console
Sometimes you might want to move your TV from one place to another, either when you want to clean or when you want to bring the TV closer to you. In this regard, you will require a TV console that is easy to move around. Normally, TV consoles are designed to be static. However, there is always the option of requesting a custom made TV console with wheels. Such a console will be easier to move. An immovable console will work best if you plan on having your TV in one place throughout.

6.Consider the console's design
The main benefit of purchasing a custom made console is that you can play around with its design. This means you can order a unique design that blends perfectly with your home decor. Therefore, one of the things to consider is the design of the console. With custom consoles, the number of designs to choose from is only limited by your creativity. Thus, if you are not a fan of traditional console designs you can get creative and go for a zig zag console. The zig zag design is unique and does not take up too much space.

7.metal or wood
Similar to other furniture pieces , most customs made TV consoles are made from either wood or metal. The material used in the making of your console will depend on your preferences. However, it is important to note that different materials react differently to different climatic conditions. Since Singapore has a tropical climate with moderate temperatures and no seasons, both metal and wood can be used in the making of custom consoles. While wood is easier to clean than wood, the latter is naturally appealing. Also, wooden consoles tend to be costlier than a metallic console. Also, wood comes in a wide variety of selections.

8. Wall mounted or standing TV consoles
TV consoles can either be wall mounted or cabinet like. As the name suggests wall-mounted consoles are mounted permanently into a wall. Therefore, they are not ideal for persons residing in an apartment. However, if you reside in your own home a permanently installed TV console might be an ideal option. This is because in an apartment there is always the likelihood of moving and it is not easy to move with a permanently installed wall mounted console. Thus, the TV console that you settle on should be easy to move with if you live in an apartment.


In conclusion, there is a wide selection of custom TV console designs to choose from and it will all depend on what you need and prefer. In addition, the right console will go a long way in accentuating the interior decor of your home.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How To Plan For Kitchen Cabinet Installation

It may seem intimidating to plan and install a new kitchen cabinet. However, the process is quite simple. Regardless of the size of your house, the best kitchen planning procedure should be adhered to. It is important to take the time to prepare for the planning and installation of the kitchen cabinet. Nevertheless, the first guidelines for positioning the cabinets should be drawn.
Important tips about design and style of the kitchen cabinet during the planning and preparation
During the time for the planning, various factors should be considered. Both time and Finance are some of the factors which should be put into consideration. Apart from the reasons mentioned, you need to be well acquainted with the following:

• The countertops
Countertops are significant for accommodating the electric appliances as well as food preparation. The appliances which could be accommodated on the countertops include blenders freestanding microwaves and coffee makers. Countertops will also provide an area for eating some form of breakfast. If you want to design the countertops, it is the best idea not to block the route between the sinks, stove and refrigerator. This is because most of the people utilize the additional counter space for containing a stove.

• The storage
The storage is another factor which should be considered when you are designing a kitchen cabinet. Cabinets and pantries which are extended to the ceiling will increase the amount of storage space in a kitchen. The wide range of storage can also accommodate a place where garbage could be placed.

• The appliances
A wise decision can be made on the appliances which you will have in the kitchen. A triangular layout of appliances such as stove, refrigerator and sink should be considered. This will make the access to those sections straightforward. Beside each area, there should be room for storage and preparation. Putting the stove next to the refrigerator is not the best thing to do like the warm air which is around the stove will pose a problem.

How to deal with the cabinet supplier

When you have formulated some ideas about the style and design which you are looking for, you need to contact the cabinet supplier. Accurate measurement of the room should be taken. This comprises of the room height and width, the alcoves, window seals and the width of the windows. A computer generated your supplier will produce the design. This will give you a hint on how your kitchen will be. A reputable firm which you should consult is the best company in Singapore. The firm will provide you with the outstanding ways of designing the cabinet.

The standard sizes of the cabinet
The best manufacturers in Singapore have cabinets which are on the stock. However, others will even take weeks or months. In fact, you need to bear this in mind as you are planning. Also, plan very well ahead by coordinating the delivering of materials in time. Semi-custom cabinets are built basing on your industry standards. The cabinet sizes are developed basing on the ceiling height whose dimensions are 8 feet. Other measurements include:

• The standard Wall cabinet of 12 inches deep and 30 inches tall
• The wall cabinets above the stove or sink should be between 12 and 24 inches tall.
• The widths of the cabinets range from six to forty-eight inches

Preparation for the installation process
The wall surface should be prepared in time. Kitchen cabinets should also be assembled before installation. For the success of the project, you need to draw the first line guide so as to position the cabinets well. Since the cabinets and countertops are heavy items, you will require someone to assist you in lifting the cabinets.

Drilling of electrical cut outs and plumbing in the cabinets
After marking up the surface walls, the next step is to the assembling of the cabinets. For each type of the cabinet, the manufacturers’ instructions should be followed. The wall cabinets are sometimes held up on the walls. Once you have positioned it, the pilot holes are drilled through the inside of the cabinets. The electrical cut outs should also be drilled on the cabinet.

Why you need to choose the best company in Singapore when you are planning for the kitchen cabinets

• Materials provided are of high quality
The products which the company makes are worth the value of the money which you will invest. Most of the people have claimed that they can use the products for a very long time. The kitchen cabinets products are also popular since they are durable. This is because they can withstand several years before reducing their quality. What is very surprising about the company is because they are committed to the production of materials which are outstanding.

• The labors are professional
So as to avoid any damages which are in your house, you are required to hire labors who are experts. The best company in Singapore has professional labors that are very ready to assist you in the planning and installation of the kitchen cabinet. In fact, they are trained to give the best service.

• The customer service is friendly
Another reason for choosing the best company in Singapore is that you will receive a warm, welcome from the company staff. They are available to provide the solution to any problems which you may face while planning for the installation of your kitchen.

• The company staff has high skill and experience
When it comes to interior design, not all the designers are skilled. Contrary to that, the skill level of the company experts is high. If you are a home owner, and you need the service, just request for the photos of the previous jobs which has been done. This will give you an overview of how they are performing their duties.

Most the people are aspiring to get kitchen cabinets in their homes with the best quality and affordable prices. For this fact, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned above. In addition to that, look for the best company in Singapore. The corporation will handle the duties which you will give to them effectively.